The Foundation Model Transparency Index

A comprehensive assessment of the transparency of foundation model developers

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The first version of the Index, launched in October 2023, scored 10 leading foundation model developers (e.g. OpenAI, Meta, Google, Anthropic) on 100 indicators of transparency. In short, the Index demonstrated the pervasive opacity that plagues the foundation model ecosystem: the average score was just 37 out of 100. The Foundation Model Transparency Index was covered by The Atlantic, Axios, Fortune, The Information, The New York Times, Politico, Rappler, Reuters and Wired, among other outlets. The table below lists and links to these outlets. (Home)

Outlet Article
The Atlantic We Don’t Actually Know If AI Is Taking Over Everything
Bloomberg Klobuchar Says AI Regulation Still Possible Before End of Year
Fast Company Why everyone seems to disagree on how to define Artificial General Intelligence
Fortune AI’s big players all flunked a major transparency assessment of their LLMs
IEEE Top AI Shops Fail Transparency Tes
TechCrunch This week in AI: Can we trust DeepMind to be ethical?
Tech Policy Press Looking Beyond the Black Box: Transparency and Foundation Models
The Information OpenAI Is Human After All; ‘Sharing Is Caring,’ Researchers Tell Model Developers
The New York Times Maybe We Will Finally Learn More About How A.I. Works
The New York Times (Hard Fork Podcast) Peering Into A.I.’s Black Box + Who’s The Real Techno-Optimist? + Reading Ancient Scrolls With A.I.
Reuters Stanford researchers issue AI transparency report, urge tech companies to reveal more
VentureBeat How transparent are AI models? Stanford researchers found out.
The Verge The world’s biggest AI models aren’t very transparent, Stanford study says